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  • International students participated in the calligraphy cultural experience

    On May 29th, 14 international students were invited by the China International Talent Marketplace in Qingdao to participate in the calligraphy cultural experience.Under the guidance of calligrapher Shuang Sun, the students learnt more about the origin of calligraphy, the four treasures of calligraphy as well as the writing postures. Students had a chance to create their own “海” and “爱”cal...

  • International Students Visited Boao Forum for Asia to Experience TCM Culture

    On 1st of June, more than 20 teachers and students from the College of International Exchange visited the TCM Experience Hall of Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia to experience traditional Chinese medicine culture.Students from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Zambia, and other countries watched the Chinese medicine culture show, experienced TCM treatments, such as massage, acupunctu...

  • Tea Culture Experience Activity at Haiqing Town Tea Garden was held

        On May 15th, as the International Tea Day was around the corner, international students from Shandong University of Science and Technology headed for Haiqing Town Tea Garden in the West Coast New Area of Qingdao to participate in various activities such as tea picking, tea art, and tea savoring. Through this event, students had a great experience of traditional Chinese tea culture and a bet...

  • The First “China Hand” Competition was successfully held

    To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the university and to enhance international students’ knowledge about China, the final event of the first “China Hand” Competition was held on May 11. Six students from four countries, including Congo, Rwanda, Tajikistan, and Yemen, entered the final. The contest consisted of three sections, namely the “Talent show, “Cultural Highlights” and “Final Sh...

  • POLINEMA Chinese Language and Culture Program Debuted

     CIE recently launched a short-term Chinese language and culture program for State Polytechnic of Malang (POLINEMA), Indonesia. 147 POLINEMA students signed in for the program which will last for two months. The program with five parallel classes is given live on the line, facilitated with excellent lecturers. To safeguard the best teaching effect of the program, CIE organized in advance severa...


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