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SDUST International Students Enrollment Procedures


1. Confirm Information: Submit admission notice, JW202/201 form and passport to Ms. Yan in Visa Handling Office.


2. Accommodation Check-in and Accomadation Registration: Passport inspection by Mr.Chen (Erick) in Visa Handling Office, G19/21(International Students Dorm Building) is req     uired before accommodation check-in. Faculty members will assist new students in accomadation registration in the local.


3. Tuition and Fees Payment: Contact Mr. Zhang in Room J3-104 Deputy Dean Office to pay registration fee, tuition snd accommodation fee within one week upon arrival at the univ      ersity.

    Insurance fee: If you have purchased before registration, you are required to download and print the insurance receipt to submit on the registration day. If you faild to purchase you       rself, you may purchase the insurance on the registration day in J3-102, Student Affairs Office.



4. Campus Card and Internet Access: Campus Card application: Go to Room J3-102, Student Affairs Office with passport, 15 RMB, which is for the campus card fee.


5. Program Schedule: Get class arrangement, timetable from Room J3-104, Academic Affairs Office. Personal in charge: Ms. Holly.


6. Physical Examination: Take physical examination within 7 days upon arrival at the university. Passport and the copy, 4 two-inch photos, original copy of checkup report (if possibl      e), 650 RMB for checkup—— Visa Handling Office.


7. Visa Extension: Residence Permit Extension must be done within 20 days upon entry. Passport and Physical Examination Result Report are required.——Ms. Yan in Visa Handling       Office.