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CIE Held International Graduate Students Forum 

On 26th of September , Naser Golsanami, associate professor of Energy College, delivered a lecture on learning and research for more than 50 international students of CIE, by the way of online and offline.

The lecture includes four aspects: 3-year path in graduate program,the needed tools, common problems and general suggestions, and comments from CIE. Naser guided the students how to arrange the time reasonably and finish their study on time. The tools needed for scientific research also be introduced particularly. In the forum, he not only answered the questions about studies and but also gave the international graduate students advice on their problems in life.

From the forum, the international graduate students at home and abroad further clarify their academic planning, graduation requirements, and have a good knowledge of various practical research tools. The students all said that they benefited a lot and would look for gaps in their current study and research and redouble their efforts to achieve excellent results.