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  • Notice on Enabling Online Services of Self-Proof Printing System

    ​  To all international students,The Academic Affairs Office actively contacted relevant companies to develop an online service function of the self-service printing system to support students to remotely obtain all kinds of certification materials to be printed through the Internet. At present, this function has been tested and put into use. The online service function of the self-service pri...

  • The Second Letter to All International Students

    Dear students,We have experienced the most extraordinary winter vacation together. During this period, 336 International students cooperated closely with the university, and ​actively carry out all the work smoothly. Thank you for all your understanding and cooperation!Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the measures taken by the Chinese Government to deal with the epidemic have produ...

  • A Letter to All International Students

    Hello, dear students!All of you are expecting information on the start of the semester, so are we the management.Before the start date is announced, international students outside of China are demanded not to buy return tickets because we cannot arrange on-campus accommodation. Once the date is fixed, we will leave you enough time to buy return tickets. Please wait with patience. As for those c...

  • Notice on the Opening Date of the 2020 Spring Semester

    To all the international students: The opening date of the 2020 spring semester is not earlier than March 1, 2020. The exact opening date will be further notified. All the internati...

  • Measures to Prevent the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

    ​ According to the present situation of the novel coronavirus prevention and control, all international students should try to take the following preventive measures for the sake of your health and safety: 一、Prevention Measures1、Try to avoid going out of campus. If you have to go out, remember to wear masks and minimize the use of buses, subways or other public transportation.2、Keep your h...


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