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  • Experience China: Our Stories against the Pandemic—Essay Competition for CSC Students

    Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many CSC students have experienced the prevention and control measures of China and witnessed the joint efforts of the Chinese government and people against the pandemic. On May 17, the letter by Chinese President Xi Jinping in reply to all the Pakistani students studying in Beijing University of Science and Technology was publicized and aroused heated discussion...

  • Notes on Live and Recording Broadcast Platform

    For the teaching of all students, the multimedia classrooms have been upgraded with live and recording broadcast.  1. It is available to all undergraduate, postgraduate and international students. For this semester its availability to individual classes depends on the return numbers of the students. 2. To use the broadcast system, please visit: http://tc2.sdust.edu.cn:8084/The ID is the 12-digi...

  • Notice on Classroom Teaching

    ​Considering the present situation of on-campus students, the university has made some adaption to the class schedule. Except the public optional courses, classrooms for all the other unfinished undergraduate courses in the original schedule of this semester change to J1 classroom building and for the postgraduate courses to J5 classroom building. According to the new scheme, Undergraduates of...

  • Notice of SDUST Spring Semester Days off, 2020

    ​The arrangement of days off in this semester is as followed:1) Qingming Festival will be three days off from 4th to 6th April. 2) May Day will be five days off from 1st to 5th May.Lessons on Monday (4th May) will be held on Sunday (26th April).Lessons on Tuesday (5th May) will be held on Saturday (9th May). 3) Dragon Boat Festival will be three days off from 25th to 27th June.Lessons on Frida...

  • Recommendation for Using A Guide to the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Epidemic in Foreign Languages

     Dear international students,Under the guidance of the Ministry of Education and the National Language Commission, Beijing Language and Culture University has urgently developed A Guide to the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Epidemic in Foreign Languages, providing ​foreigners with language services in epidemic prevention control and treatment.  At present, the system includes daily precaut...


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