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Notice on holiday arrangements for the first half of the year 2023

Dear students
According to the university’s work schedule, our holiday
arrangements for the first half of the year 2023 are as follows
I. Ching Ming Festival Day
1 day holiday on April 5 (Wednesday).
II. Labor Day
5 days holiday from April 29 (Saturday) to May 3 (Wednesday).
Teaching schedule: undergraduate and full-time graduate classes will
be canceled for three days from April 29 (Saturday) to May 1
(Monday). Classes on May 2 (Tuesday) will be taught on April 23
(Sunday), and classes on May 3 (Wednesday) will be taught on May
6 (Saturday).
III. Dragon Boat Festival
3 days holiday from June 22 (Thursday) to June 24 (Saturday).
Teaching schedule: undergraduate and full-time graduate classes will
be canceled for three days from June 22 (Thursday) to June 24
(Saturday). The class time and place will remain unchanged. Safety Instruction:
1. Comply with Chinese laws, regulations and school rules.
Students who live off campus must abide by the local community
management. It is strictly forbidden to organize or engage in illegal
activities, such as illegal working with student visa. And stay away
from pornography, gambling and drug abuse.
2. In case of fever, dry cough, diarrhea and other abnormalities, seek
medical advice immediately. Meanwhile, report it to the counselor at
3. Students who need to go out of the campus but cannot return to
campus on the same day, or who need to leave Qingdao, shall strictly
go through the procedures of asking for leave. Undergraduates shall
be approved by their counselors, and graduate students also need to
be approved by their supervisors. These students can only leave after
the approval, and must return on time and go through the resumption
from leave procedures. Late return and staying overnight outside are
4. Students should obey the school regulations and management.
Strictly abide by the on-campus accommodation management
regulations for international students. Personnel outside dormitory
are not allowed to enter the apartment.
5. Take care of personal safety and property. And enhance safety awareness of preventing fraud, including telecommunication fraud,
shopping refund fraud, loan fraud, etc. Do not believe in strangers or
unverified information easily. Do not purchase products through
informal platforms. Do not carry a lot of cash when going out.
Please protect your personal information and take care of your
personal documents, also do not let others use them on your behalf.
6. Please abide by all traffic laws and regulations and pay close
attention to traffic safety.
7. Students must pay attention to the safety of water and electricity
to avoid any potential safety hazards. Do not plug any electrical
appliance into the power socket when no one is watching. Do not
change the power supply line without permission or connect the
socket randomly. Smoking (including hookah) and high-power
electrical appliances are strictly prohibited. Throwing objects from a
high altitude is strictly prohibited as well.
8. Do not make noise in the apartment and affect others' regular
9. Beware of drowning accidents. It is not allowed to swim in places
with warning signs such as "No Swimming", "Deep Water", etc.
Please use a regular swimming place with safety facilities and
lifeguards. Those should call for help immediately or use life-saving
equipment instead of rushing into the water to rescue the drowning person. Keep safe from thunder or lightning in case of bad weather.
10. In case of emergency or other assistance, please contact your
counselor or the teacher on duty.
College of International Exchange
April 3, 2023