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Measures to Prevent the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia


According to the present situation of the novel coronavirus prevention and control, all international students should try to take the following preventive measures for the sake of your health and safety:


一、Prevention Measures

1Try to avoid going out of campus. If you have to go out, remember to wear masks and minimize the use of buses, subways or other public transportation.

2Keep your hands clean. Wash your hands with running water or alcohol-based hand wash before eating and after coughing, using the toilet, contacting or handling animal waste.

3Maintain indoor air circulation three times a day in the morning, afternoon and evening, with each time lasting for no less than 30 minutes. Avoid crowded public places with closed air. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or bend your elbows when coughing or sneezing to prevent the spread of droplets.

4Please pay attention to fire prevention and personal safety while using medical alcohol for disinfection.  Medical alcohol could be used to wipe the surface, but not to spray the room, especially not to spray on clothing. It is strictly forbidden to contact hot stoves, cigarette butts and other operating hot objects while using medical alcohol.

5Report to teachers on duty immediately if you have respiratory symptoms or a fever. Remember to wear a mask when going to the hospital or accompanying someone to the hospital.

6If you have ever travelled or lived in Wuhan, or contacted with a patient from Wuhan who had a fever or respiratory symptoms and you yourself have developed fever, fatigue, dry cough and other symptoms within 14 days, please report to the teachers from College of International Exchange CIEwho will help you with medical treatment immediately and arrangement of medical observation or isolation as required.


二、Code of Residence Status change, Leave Permission and Conduct of Off-campus Students

1At present, all students travelling in foreign countries or other cities in China should stay in the local region, and should not return to school until the school issues a clear opening and return time.

2Off-campus students should actively cooperate with local functional departments and community personnel in inspection, registration, isolation and disinfection; treating visitors or friends or other assembling activities is not encouraged in order to avoid cross infection.

3Those who have travelled in any epidemic cities or have contacted with any person from such cities should cooperate with the disease prevention and control institutions and medical institutions in sample collection, quarantine observation, isolation and treatment, actively and truthfully report the relevant information such as pathogen status, itineraries, residence, etc.. Those who do not cooperate may face legal punishment.

4In case of change of residence address, travel city and return to your home country, you should report to the College of International Exchange in the first time and fill in a leave permission and other relevant forms in the case of returning home.



For any help, you can contact us by Wechat or calling. There are CIE teachers on duty 24 hours a day in the apartment. Visit room GA19-116 or call 0532-86058360 from 9:00 to19:00 in the day; or call Mr. Zhang (13455295890) or Mr. Wu (15318875861) at any time.