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A Letter to All International Students

Hello, dear students!

All of you are expecting information on the start of the semester, so are we the management.

Before the start date is announced, international students outside of China are demanded not to buy return tickets because we cannot arrange on-campus accommodation. Once the date is fixed, we will leave you enough time to buy return tickets. Please wait with patience. As for those currently staying in other Chinese cities or residing off-campus in Huangdao, we request you to stay where you are, minimize your outings, maintain sanitation and self-protection. Those staying on campus are requested to strictly observe school regulations and cooperate with the management. No one is allowed to leave the campus without permission. And the College of International Exchange will arrange supply of daily necessities for on-campus students.

Please follow your professors’ requirements for online learning. If there is any difficulty in contacting the faculty during this online learning period, please feel free to contact us:

1) For students outside of China or in other Chinese cities:

Contact Ms. YU Yingyuan

2) For students on campus or residing off-campus in Huangdao:

Contact Mr. Zhang Yawei

And finally, we appreciate very much your understanding and cooperation during this tough time. Let's join our efforts to win this battle against the epidemic! We are looking forward to meeting you in Qingdao.


We wish you and your family all the best!


College of International Exchange

Shandong University of Science and Technology