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The Second Letter to All International Students


Dear students,

We have experienced the most extraordinary winter vacation together. During this period, 336 International students cooperated closely with the university, and actively carry out all the work smoothly. Thank you for all your understanding and cooperation!


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the measures taken by the Chinese Government to deal with the epidemic have produced positive results. Shandong Province has lowered COVID-19 emergency response level from first level to second since the midnight on March 7, 2020. However, we must be aware of the severity and complexity of COVID-19 outbreak at the global scale in more than 100 countries.


The health and safety of students is always the biggest expectation and priority of our university. In order to further improve the prevention and control of the epidemic, we sincerely hope that you can continue to cooperate with the school to achieve:


1. For the students abroad, do not come back to the university and China in advance until further notice about the exact opening date is issued. The school will inform you immediately after the specific time is determined. We think you will have around 2 weeks to buy tickets. Please pay attention to our WeChat group in time and keep in touch with teachers. As for those currently staying in other Chinese cities or residing off-campus in Huangdao, please stay where you are, minimize your outings, maintain sanitation and self-protection. 


2. Undergraduate students should participate in online classes actively  and abide by the online teaching requirements. Postgraduate students should actively get in touch with your supervisors and conduct academic research in accordance with your work arrangements.


3. Please pay close attention to official information of the epidemic released by the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China (http://en.nhc.gov.cn) . Don’t make up, spread and believe in rumors, and please don’t be panic.


4. In case of any difficulty or special circumstances, please contact us.

1) For students outside of China or in other Chinese cities:

Contact Ms. YU Yingyuan

2) For students on campus or residing off-campus in Huangdao:

Contact Mr. Zhang Yawei, Phone:86 13455295890


During the outbreak of the epidemic, no matter where you are, please protect yourself and pay attention to your health. We believe that with the stronger confidence, scientific prevention and joint endeavors, we are determined to fight and win this battle against the virus and jointly welcome the arrival of spring. 


We wish you and your family all the best!


College of International Exchange

Shandong University of Science and Technology