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International students achieved excellent results in the 11th China Jiaozuo International Taijiquan Competition 

    FromSeptember 16 to 21, 2023, the 11th International Taijiquan Competition was held in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province. The International Exchange Collegeselected three international students to participate in the overseas men's group C designated Taijiquan and overseas women's group C 24-FormsTaijiquan events. Iranian student KARIMI MOHAMMAD (Jianyu) and Russian student FEILER LIUBOV (Liu Lian) respectively won gold medals in the men's and women's groups, while Yemeni student AL-MBIADH YASER OMAR AHMED (Anchen) won a silver medal in the men's group.

    This competition is the first large-scale competition that the international student martial arts team has participated in since its establishment, and theCollegeof International Exchange attaches great importance to it. Since the summer vacation, Teacher Zhang Ling from the Physical Education College has led the athletes to actively prepare for the competition, conducting morning training every day, rain or shine, and repeatedly exchanging and learning from each other on each move of Taijiquan,striving to achieve precise postures and movements, as well as relaxed expressions and postures. Before the competition, there was also an internal selection competition, and ultimately three students were qualified to participate. They demonstrated the spirit and style of our school students at their best on the field and won high praise from the on-site judges.

    After the competition, Liu Lian from Russia said, "Since joining the school's international student martial arts team, I have continuously improved my understanding of traditional Chinese culture. This competition not only improves my physical fitness, but also brings me a lot of benefits from Tai Chi's calm and introverted, relaxed and moderate movements, and the use of softness to overcome hardness.

    As a model of excellent traditional Chinese culture, Tai Chi was successfully included in the list of representative works of human intangible cultural heritage in 2020. It has been spread to more than 150 countries and regions worldwide, with over 600 million practitioners. It is a unique "national business card" with Chinese cultural charm. This competition is co-hosted by Wushu Administrative Center of General Administration of Sport of China, Chinese Wushu Association, Sports Bureau of Henan Province, and Jiaozuo Municipal People's Government. A total of 2689 athletes from 31 countries and regions participated.

Russian athlete FEILER LIUBOV competition display

Gold medal award ceremony