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2023 "International Chinese Language Day" Theme Activity & International Students' Chinese Knowledge Fun Games 

April 20, 2023 marks the 14th United Nations Chinese Language Day and the 4th International Chinese Language Day. On the morning of April 23rd, the College held 2023 "International Chinese Language Day" theme activity and International Students' Chinese Knowledge Fun Games to celebrate "International Chinese Language Day" with international students from all over the world. Thirty-three international students from 12 countries, including Russia, Mongolia, Iran, Yemen, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Madagascar and Uganda, took part in the event.

A total of 11 international student teams participated in the event. Each team was composed of male and female players from more than two countries. Students from different countries shouted out "Come on" in Chinese in unison. The combination of Chinese and sports makes each other's love and hearts linked. The champion,therunner-upand the second runner-upwereawarded according to the total points of each team.

DeanFan Zhijian presented MEDALS and prizes to the winning teams. At the end of the event, 33 international students from 12 countries jointlymadekites with characters"Tell China'sStories Well, Build aBetter FutureTogether"on them, expressing their aspirations to learn Chinese well and be good ambassadors forpeople-to-peopleexchanges between China and foreigncountries.

After the activity, the studentsallsaid that the fun games were full of fun, exclaiming that "It’s amazing thatChinese can be learned in this way". Theythinkthat cooperative learning and brainstorming with students from different countriescanimprove the Chinese language, understand the world culture, exercise the body and mind,andenhancethe sense of self-worth. Theyhope thatthey canhavemoreopportunity to participate in such activities in the future.