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International Students Experience SCO Countries and Cultures in Qingdao

Training Course on SCO Countries and Cultures China-SCO Institute of Economy and Trade Held successfully in Qingdao, and foreign students from 11 countries participated in the training course to promote the dissemination and exchange of cultures.

The training consisted of four parts: lectures on Chinese national conditions and culture, traditional Chinese Tai Chi experience, lectures on Iranian national conditions and culture, and a visit to Qingdao·SCODA Pearl International Expo Center. The teaching format of combining panoramic national conditions introduction and immersive cultural experience was rich in content and diverse, and achieved a good training effect.

The training course on the national conditions and culture of SCO countries showed international students the basic situation and cultural charm of SCO countries as well as the development achievements of the SCO Demonstration Area, which helped the participating students further learn and understand the national conditions and culture of SCO countries, helped promote understanding, exchange and mutual trust among students from SCO countries along the “Belt and Road”, and helped promote the dissemination and exchange of cultures of various countries.