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TraTraditional Culture China-SCO Institute of Economy and Trade Successfully Heldining Course on Chinese 

  On January 11, the Training Course on Chinese Traditional Culture China-SCO Institute of Economy and Trade successfully held at the International Student Activity Center of Shandong University of Science and Technology, 24 international students from 16 countries participate in this activity, including Russia, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and so on.

  The training consists of four parts: paper-cuttings, calligraphy, Wushu and Jiaozhou Yangge. It is rich in content and diverse in form, and has achieved good training results. In this training, teachers Zhao Lihua and Liu Yunjin, the inheritors of paper-cutting in Qingdao West Coast New Area, Zhao Yuekai, Teacher of Ximoyuan Calligraphy Training, Zhang Ling, Teacher of School of Physical Education of SDUST, and Li Guihua, the seventh generation inheritor of Jiaozhou Yangge, were specially invited to give on-site lectures to international students. Under the guidance of the teachers, the students participated in the training experience cultural projects with great interest and appreciated the beauty of traditional Chinese culture.

  On the one hand, this training course on Chinese traditional culture will help international students learn and experience China's excellent traditional culture, stimulate their interest in learning and deeply understand Chinese culture; on the other hand, it will show students from the SCO and countries along the the Belt and Road a credible, lovely and respectable image of China, and promote the spread and exchange of Chinese traditional culture.