2021 SDUST Commencement and Degree Conferring Ceremony

The Commencement and Degree Conferring Ceremony for 2021 SDUST international graduates was held on July 19. Prof. Sun Heting, Vice President of SDUST, senior officials from the Academic Affairs Office, the Graduate School, the International Office and the relevant colleges and representatives of the teaching faculty were present at the ceremony. Representatives of the alumni, the current students, all students of the graduating class and their families attended the ceremony.

The commencement was presided over by Zhang Yawei, Deputy Dean of the College of International Exchange, and the degree conferring ceremony was anchored by Li Qingjian and Ding Li. It is broadcasted live on the Internet, synchronizing offline participants and online graduates and their families abroad. Hundreds of international students and their parents gathered online and offline to witness the important moment when international students began their new journey in life.

Prof. Sun issued certificates for excellent international graduates and delivered a speech at the ceremony. On behalf of the university, he congratulated all graduates on their successful completion of study, while extending gratitude to the teachers and faculty members who have contributed the growth of students.“You have not only achieved excellent results in your studies and fruitful results in various recreational and sports competitions, but also carefully experienced the Chinese language and culture, and become a friendly messenger to spread Chinese culture.” Sun said. He hoped that all graduates should stay grateful and reach afar, innovative and succeed, devoted to cultural exchange and open-minded, ambitious and benefit more people.

Prof. Gao Sheng, Director of the International Office, announces name list of outstanding graduates. Prof. Fan Jiancong, Vice Director of Department of Academic Affairs, announces name list of undergraduates degrees awarded. Mr. Yue Guowei, Deputy Dean of Graduate School, announces name list of postgraduates degrees awarded. Associate Prof. Zhu Xuli speaks on behalf of the faculty. Hlomayi Brendon, representative of the current students, Irihose Obed, representative of the graduates, and Mohammad Issa, representative of the alumni, also delivered a speech respectively at the commencement.

On the joyous, yet, solemn occasion, Prof. Sun awarded the degree certificates to the graduates present, who went on to the stage one by one. Then Prof. Sun take a special photo with the graduates online.

The graduates are from 27 countries, including Indonesia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, etc.