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  • Sara Won the Third Prize in the 2020 Shandong Province International Students Chinese Classics Recitation Contest

    ​To encourage international students to acquire a knowledge of Chinese classics and learn excellent Chinese culture as well as promote the Chinese language and culture worldwide, Shandong Education Department, Language Affairs Committee of Shandong Province, and Shandong Education TV Station jointly organized “The 2020 Shandong Province Chinese Classics Recitation Contest Series”. 14 contest...

  • Ceramic Art Experience Activity was Held

    On December 24, the activity of Ceramic Art was held in International Student Activity Room.China has been famous for its exquisite ceramics since ancient times. Pottery is an art of comprehensive creation, which can cultivate our artistic quality and bring happiness to everyone in the process of making. It is a wonderful process to finish a piece of pottery together with friends.          Afte...

  • Embroidery Experience Activity was Held

            On December 17, the second activity of the Chinese Traditional Handicraft Aesthetic Experience Month was held in International Student Activity Room.                     Thrilled to experience the charm of a Chinese traditional handicraft, International students carried out a creative “embroidery” activity with students from Shandong Province Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Inhe...

  • The Chinese Traditional Handicraft Aesthetic Experience Month Activity was Held

     ‍On December 10, the Chinese Traditional Handicraft Aesthetic Education Month began with the activity held by the Graduate Department, the College of International Exchange, together with the College of Arts in the GA19-21 International Student Activity Room.       With the guidance of Song Yufeng from the College of Arts, international students experienced a wonderful “tie-dyeing” activity...

  • SDUST International Students Intangible Cultural Heritage Paper Cutting Experience Base was Established

        On December 5, the opening ceremony of the intangible cultural heritage paper cutting experience base for international students of Shandong University of Science and Technology was held in Juxian No.2 Middle School, Rizhao City. Zhang Yawei, associate dean of College of International Exchange, Wen Xingdong, vice director of Juxian Cultural and Tourism Bureau, Zhang Shoubiao, the party secr...


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