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  • "Learning Hanfu Culture, Appreciating the Charm of ancient China"——The Hanfu Experience Activity for International Students Was Successfully Held

    On April 29th, the College of International Exchange held a Hanfu experience activity for international students at the Qingdaiji Hanfu Experience Certer. Twelve international students from 8 countries including Burundi, Tajikistan, Yemen, Zambia, Congo (Kinshasa), Grenada, Guyana, and Uganda participated in the activity.At the beginning of the activity, the teacher at the  Qingdaiji Hanfu Expe...

  • Hubei Polytechnic University Delegates Paid CIE A Visit

    Four delegates, with Prof. Chen Jun as the head, from International College of Hubei Polytechnic University paid CIE a visit, exchanging work ideas on international student enrollment and management on April 29th. Mr. Fan Zhijian the Dean, Mr. Zhang Yawei the deputy Dean and Heads of all CIE offices attended the informal reception and symposium meeting.At the meeting, Mr. Fan first extended a w...

  • SDUST International Students Won Prizes in the First International Students Essay and Short Video Contest of Shandong Province

    On January 7, the winners of the International Students’ Essay and Short Video Contest: "My Beautiful Encounter with Shandong" were announced. International students from our school won the following: one first prize, one second prize, three third prizes, and six outstanding prizes. Our university also won the Outstanding Organization Award. In addition, teachers from the College of Internatio...

  • The Chinese Traditional Handicraft Aesthetic Education Month was held

    In December 2020, the Chinese Traditional Handicraft Aesthetic Education Month events organized by the Graduate Studies Office, College of International Exchange, and College of Arts,  were held in the international students’ activity room. This series of activities were held to celebrate the 70th  anniversary of the founding of our university and served as a cultural exchange bridge between C...

  • College of International Exchange Carried Out a Fire Drill

    To enhance safety awareness and improve teachers and students’ ability to properly handle emergencies, the College of International Exchange held a fire drill in the international students’ apartment on the afternoon of December 29. The school fire fighting section, international students’ apartment management staff, teachers, and students participated in the activity.The staff of school fir...


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