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  • A letter to Freshmen of Year 2020

    Dear International Students of Year 2020,As the golden autumn walks in, you are officially becoming a student of Shandong University of Science and Technology (SDUST). Please accept our sincere congratulations! Under the global epidemic situation, most students are unable to come to our campus at present, but this year's online registration rate has reached 93%, which fully demonstrates your de...

  • Notice on the First “Chinese Traditional Culture International Exchange Program” Picture Books Creation Competition

    ‍I. SubjectsThere are four themes in this activity: 1.      The Fighting of The Pandemic in My Eyes2.      The New Four Inventions (Ofo, Alipay, Taobao and high speed train)3.      My China Story4.      The Belt and Road in My Heart II. Requirements1. Choose one of the four themes to create original picture books.2. It can be done independently or cooperatively, and the creation should be more...

  • Notice on "Clear Your Plate" Campaign

    Notice on "Clear Your Plate" Campaign

  • Notice on 2020 Summer Vacation

    The Summer Vacation will start from July 18th (Saturday) to Aug 30th(Sunday). Students will be arranged to return to university from August 23rd. The specific arrangement will be informed.Attachment: Holiday safety notic

  • Notice on the 4th“My Beautiful Encounter with China” Essay and Short-video Contests

    In order to promote the cultural exchanges between the younger generations from different parts of the world, enhance the understanding of overseas students about China, their friendship towards China, and their profound understanding of China ’s development and changes, record the major changes, extraordinary experiences and all aspects of the students’ stay in China in 2020. Authorized by t...


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