"My beautiful SDUST" International Students Photography Contest Was Held

Recently, "My beautiful SDUST" International Students Photography Contest was held by College of International Exchange. The contest aims at encouraging students to step out of the dormitory, and photograph the most beautiful scenery of our campus, focusing on students’ positive and healthy lifestyle. In the end, the prize-winning works were selected as follows: one first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes and four excellent prizes.

TARIQ NAFISA from Pakistan won the second prize. She said, “I’m so glad that I shared my works through the contest. This was the first time that I participated in a contest. I was clueless that I would win the prize, so it came as a full amazement. Thank you for providing us such a great platform to share our ideas and learn from each other.”

The contest did not only enrich the after-school life of international students, but also demonstrated their ability to discover and appreciate the beauty of our lovely campus.

TARIQ NAFISA-Pakistan-2020 Postgraduate

AVAZOV NASIMJON-Tajikistan-2018 Undergraduate

ADIBA NAILA-Indonesia-2020 Postgraduate