The First “China Hand” Competition was successfully held

The First “China Hand” Competition was successfully held

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To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the university and to enhance international students’ knowledge about China, the final event of the first “China Hand” Competition was held on May 11. Six students from four countries, including Congo, Rwanda, Tajikistan, and Yemen, entered the final.

The contest consisted of three sections, namely the “Talent show, “Cultural Highlights” and “Final Showdown”.In the “Talent show” section, full of confidence and enthusiasm, the contestants took turns to show off their talents by singing Chinese songs, demonstrating the use of Tai Chi Kung Fu fans, and reciting traditional poetry. Through each of these performances, the international students expressed their understanding and appreciation of the Chinese culture.

The “Cultural Highlights” section consisted of two kinds of questions: Multiple Choice Questions and True and False Questions. Students answered questions across a wide range of areas such as Chinese history, geography, literature, and folklore. This section aimed to test the contestants’ knowledge of the Chinese language and culture as well as their understanding of China

After the first two rounds of fierce competition, the three contestants entered the “Final Showdown” section. In line with the given themes, the contestants shared their stories and personal experiences related to Chinese language learning, their love for Chinese culture as well as their future dreams, which all resonated with the audience.

Finally, Nasimjon Avazov from The Republic of Tajikistan won the first prize. Irihose Obed and Salah Sultan Saleh Al-Sharabi won the second prize. Dheva Kervy Ollita Ngondza, Prince Audron Mbango-Ngoma and Abdulrahman Abdo Ali Al-Sumeri won the third prize.

After the competition, Nasimjon Avazov said “I’m glad I could take part in this competition, the atmosphere was great! I didn’t expect to achieve such a good result. This competition has enhanced our knowledge and understanding of the Chinese language and culture and has inspired us to learn Chinese more. I will also continue to practice the Tai Chi kung fu fan that I performed in the talent show. I thank the teachers, staff, and the audience for their notable efforts in making this competition a success. It was a great honor to take part in the celebration of our university 70th anniversary and experience the cultural heritage of our university.”

The competition demonstrated the effectiveness of our international Chinese language education, as well as our international students’ deep love for the Chinese language and excellent Chinese traditional culture.

First Prize Award Ceremony

Second Prize Award Ceremony

Third Prize Award Ceremony