The College of International Exchange Won the 1st Runner-up in the 4th 3V3 Women's Basketball Tournament

On October 18, The 4th Women's 3V3 Basketball Tournament of Shandong University of Science and Technology was held in the Area C basketball court. Full of enthusiasm and dedication, our women's basketball team made it to the final.

At the sound of a loud whistle, the fiercely contested final between College of International Exchange and College of Economics & Management began. Both teams' players swiftly launched a series of strategies, such as fast break, block out, zone defense, which won cheers from the audience. Eventually, our college's team won the 1st Runner-up.

Through this game, friendly exchanges between Chinese and foreign students have been enhanced and the enthusiastic spirit of international students has been fully demonstrated. After the match, the team's captain Luisa said, “We were all exhausted after playing six games in just one day, but that means we did our best. We'll keep on training and we hope to do much better in the next tournament."

Players on the field