International Students Experienced Intangible cultural heritage——Huabobo

On December 6, International students actively signed up and participated in the hand- on activity of Huabobo (one of the Intangible cultural heritage of Shandong Province). During the activity, students learned about its history, features and implied meanings, and made Huabobo under the guidance of teachers. The international students picked up the rolling pin and kneaded the dough with enthusiasm, making steamed bread while communicating with the Chinese students. After a while, steamed bread with the shape of roses was presented on the table, and works of the international students were appreciated by the Chinese teachers and students present there.

       Satish from Nepal said: “I feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture. The steamed bread is delicious and beautiful. The process is interesting. I am very happy to communicate with Chinese students, and I hope I can participate in this kind of experience activity next time.”