SDUST International Students Intangible Cultural Heritage Paper Cutting Experience Base was Established

On December 5, the opening ceremony of the intangible cultural heritage paper cutting experience base for international students of Shandong University of Science and Technology was held in Juxian No.2 Middle School, Rizhao City. Zhang Yawei, associate dean of College of International Exchange, Wen Xingdong, vice director of Juxian Cultural and Tourism Bureau, Zhang Shoubiao, the party secretary and principal of Juxian No.2 Middle School, and Li Jingtian, vice president of Juxian No.2 Middle School, attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Sheng Rixin, vice president of Juxian No.2 Middle School. Sixteen international students from nine countries participated in the event.

After the ceremony, Yu Hong, the inheritor of Guomenjian, a national intangible cultural heritage project, was invited to show and demonstrate paper cutting for international students. With her prize-winning works, she introduced the history of Chinese folk paper cutting to the students, taught them the cutting skills of basic elements such as zigzag patterns, and demonstrated some paper cutting methods such as Tuan hua. Her exquisite skills impressed every student and aroused their strong interest in learning paper cutting. Under the guidance of teacher Yu, each student cut out his own unique works and enjoyed the success of their works.

After that, international students visited Juzhou Museum and had a deeper understanding of China’s historical and cultural heritage. These precious cultural relics in the museum also left a deep impression on the international students about the long history and splendid culture created by the Chinese people for thousands of years.

After the event, Avazov Nasimjon from Tajikistan, said, “Chinese paper cutting skills are superb. I have seen many beautiful paper cuts before, but I didn’t expect that I would have the opportunity to experience and cut out my own works. I hope to participate in more cultural experience activities in the future to experience more the beauty of Chinese culture.”

The intangible cultural heritage paper cutting experience base is the first intangible cultural heritage experience base for international students in our school. This base will serve as a learning and experience platform for international students in our school to learn intangible cultural heritage, improve their knowledge about Chinese culture, and promote the excellent Chinese traditional culture.