College of International Exchange Carried Out a Fire Drill

To enhance safety awareness and improve teachers and students’ ability to properly handle emergencies, the College of International Exchange held a fire drill in the international students’ apartment on the afternoon of December 29. The school fire fighting section, international students’ apartment management staff, teachers, and students participated in the activity.

The staff of school fire fighting section demonstrated the installation steps and usage of the fire hydrant, fire hose, and other fire fighting equipment. Moreover, International students experienced how to use the above equipment. Students have also learned how to recognize the fire alarm and conduct an emergency evacuation drill. These fire drill activities went smoothly and reached the desired effect.

After the drill, Obed, an international student who served as an interpreter, said: “I am grateful that the college has organized this activity. It helps us to enhance our firefighting skills as well as mastering how to use firefighting equipment”. Through this drill, fire fighting awareness among teachers and students has been improved, which is conducive to creating a safe and comfortable learning and living environment for students.