The Chinese Traditional Handicraft Aesthetic Education Month was held

In December 2020, the Chinese Traditional Handicraft Aesthetic Education Month events organized by the Graduate Studies Office, College of International Exchange, and College of Arts,  were held in the international students’ activity room. This series of activities were held to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of our university and served as a cultural exchange bridge between Chinese and international students.

International students from SDUST along with students from the Chinese Traditional Culture Inheritance Base in Shandong Province jointly participated in these activities. These activities consisted of tie-dying, pottery, embroidery, and leather crafting.

International students had a chance to grasp some basic methods and processes of making traditional Chinese handicrafts, which undoubtedly left a positive and unforgettable impression. This activity aimed to grow students’ understanding about Chinese traditional culture and promote Chinese culture worldwide. The event was also reported by Qingdao Educational TV Station.