SDUST International Students Won Prizes in the First International Students Essay and Short Video Contest of Shandong Province

n January 7, the winners of the International Students Essay and Short Video Contest: "My Beautiful Encounter with Shandong" were announced. International students from our school won the following: one first prize, one second prize, three third prizes, and six outstanding prizes. Our university also won the Outstanding Organization Award. In addition, teachers from the College of International Exchange He Yu, Luan Weina, and Yu Yingyuan, also won the "Excellent Instructor" awards.

Our college actively organized international students to participate in this competition and provided related guidance. Through essays and short videos, students shared their unique experiences of studying and living in Shandong, and in doing so, expressed their sincere love for our university and Shandong. This competition aims to promote cultural exchanges between young generations of different countries, enhance international students knowledge of China and Chinas development, and promote friendship between China and the rest of the world, as well as record students' memories of their lives in China especially in the year 2020.