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College of International Exchange...
To enhance safety awareness and improve teachers and students’ ability to properly handle emergencies, the College of International Exchange held a fire drill in the international students’ apartment

The Chinese Traditional Handicraf...
In December 2020, the Chinese Traditional Handicraft Aesthetic Education Month events organized by the Graduate Studies Office, College of International Exchange, and College of Arts,  were held

The Chinese Traditional Handicraf...
On December 10, the Chinese Traditional Handicraft Aesthetic Education Month began with the activity held by the Graduate Department, the College of International Exchange, together with the College

Ceramic Art Experience Activity w...
On December 24, the activity of Ceramic Art was held in International Student Activity Room. China has been famous for its exquisite ceramics since ancient times. Pottery is an art of comprehensive

Embroidery Experience Activity wa...
On December 17, the second activity of the Chinese Traditional Handicraft Aesthetic Experience Month was held in International Student Activity Room.                     Thrilled to experience

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Chinese Traditional Cultural Gard...
In order to enrich international students’ extracurricular cultural life, deepen the understanding and experiencing towards Chinese culture, College of International Exchange organized the Chinese

International students Participat...
On November 21, the Fourth Herbal Paste Festival was held by Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital. Fan Zhijian, Dean of College of International Exchange attended the opening ceremony

SDUST International Students Cele...
During the golden autumn season, with the air filled with the refreshing fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus,the College of International Exchange organised the Mid-Autumn Festival party

The College of International Exch...
On October 18, The 4th Women's 3V3 Basketball Tournament of Shandong University of Science and Technology was held in the Area C basketball court. Full of enthusiasm and dedication, our women's

International Students Experience...
On December 6, International students actively signed up and participated in the hand- on activity of Huabobo (one of the Intangible cultural heritage of Shandong Province). During the activity

International Student Brings Glor...
rom September to November, Chinese-Korean College Student Speech Contest was held online. SDUST won Outstanding Organization Award. Junbum Lee (Chinese name, 李俊范), a student at SDUST and a native

International Student Won the Fir...
On 5th December, students from the College of International Exchange broke into the grand final of the Employment Challenge, which is organized by Zhongyu Group. Sitenda Amos from 2019 Software

Anti-AIDS Awareness Campaign from...
December 1, 2020 is the 33rd "World AIDS Day". With focus on “global solidarity, shared responsibility”, anti-AIDS awareness campaign was held to educate the international students in GA19-21 of our

College of International Exchange...
On October 30th and 31st, College of International Exchange held enrollment education in J7-304 and J7-306. It aims to help new students to adapt to the school life and better understand the rules

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Notice of SDUST Spring Semester Days off, 2021
Instructions for the Second Semester of Academic Year 2020-2021


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