Student Life


SDUST has three on-campus dorm buildings for international students. The living environment is elegant, clean and comfortable. There are several types of rooms which can meet different needs of international students. Facilities includebedding, a desk, a chair, a closet, a toilet, a shower, a public kitchen, an entertainment room and a laundry room etc.

Building GA19, GA21                                       Building GA7                                    Triple Room A: 5000 RMB

Single Room: 13,000 RMB                                 Double Room A: 7500 RMB              Triple Room B: 4400 RMB

Double Room: 7500 RMB                                  Double Room B: 6500 RMB               Quad Room A: 4000 RMB

                                                                              Double Room C: 5500 RMB               Quad Room B: 3500 RMB


  1. There are no air-conditioning units in the room types Double Room C, Triple Room B or Quad Room B.
  2. The price listed is per person per year.
  3. Rooms are arranged on a first-come, first-served basis. Your choice will be guaranteed if the full accommodation fee is paid upfront.

Accommodation Pricing

Type  Single Double Triple Quad
GA19/21 13000 7500
GA7 A 7500
B 6500 5000 4000
C 5500 4400 3500


1. There are no air conditioners in the room type C.

2. The price listed is per person per academic year.


The university offers 120 Kilowatt hours of electricity to each room for free every month,and the electricity is supplied once a quarter. The remaining quota in a quarter will automatically be transferred to the next quarter. Excess consumption is charged at 0.55RMB per Kilowatt hour. Details of electricity consumption for each room will be shown to students every Monday and Thursday in the semester. All students shall pay attention to the consumption details and purchase electricity in advance.

To purchase electricity:

Time: 16:00-17:30 Tuesday and Friday during the semester

Way of purchase: Campus Card Place: Duty Room Tel: 0532-86057090

Saving Electricity

1. Remember to turn off the lights, air-conditioner, PCs, stereos etc, when leaving the room to avoid unnecessary consumption of electricity.

2. Make good use of the natural sunlight and cut down the use of electrical lights and air-conditioning. Open the window regularly to make sure there is adequate ventilation in the room.

3. Set your air-conditioner to an appropriate temperature and remember to switch it off before going to sleep at night.

4. Unplug your bath heater when leaving the dorm room for two days or more.