SDUST Scholarship
1. Categories
SDUST scholarships support undergraduate programs, master's programs, doctoral programs and the Chinese Language Program. They include a scholarships for prospective international students, as well as scholarships for current international students, which can cover part of the tuition fees. Examples are the Board of Trustees Scholarship, Enterprise Scholarships such as the Xingjian Scholarship and the Sanjian Scholarship etc, and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prizes of the Outstanding Students Scholarship.

2. Duration

SDUST Scholarships for Prospective International Students: only the first year for degree programs, 0.5 to 1 year for the Chinese Language Program.
SDUST Scholarships for Current International Students: Students do not need to apply. They will be awarded according to students’ academic achievements over the previous academic year.

3. Application Deadline for SDUST Scholarships for Prospective International Students

August 1, 2016 

4. Application Documents

SDUST Scholarship for Prospective International Students Application Form
Other documents please refer to How to Apply.