Chinese Government Scholarship-Bilateral Program

1. Program Categories, Duration and Language of Instruction

Program Categories Number of (academic) years studying for Major Number of (academic) years doing  Chinese language (preparatory) study Duration of Scholarship (academic year)
Undergraduate programs 4-5 up to 2 4-7
Master's programs 2-3 up to 2 2-5
Doctoral programs 3-4 up to 2 3-6
General scholar programs up to 1 up to 1 up to 2
Senior scholar programs up to 1 up to 1 up to 2

-The bilateral program supports undergraduate programs, master's programs, doctoral programs, general scholar programs and senior scholar programs. Applicants should consult the relevant organisational body in their home country for details of the programs available.
-All the undergraduate programs, most graduate programs and most non-degree programs are instructed in Chinese. For a detailed program description, please check this list: Directory of the Chinese Institutions Admitting International Students under Chinese Government Scholarship Program at or
-In general, the duration of the scholarship covering both major study and Chinese language (preparatory) study (as specified in the Admission Letter) cannot be extended.
2. Agencies and Deadlines
Applicants should apply to the organisational body for overseas study in their home countries between January and early April 2016. Please contact the relevant authorities for the specific deadline for the coming year.
3. Other information
Applicants can go to to get all the information about this program such as eligibility, the application procedure, application documents, approval and notification of results.(Agency No.10424 for SDUST)
Note: SDUST will only send Pre-admission Notices (Conditional Offer) to those who have already received the award letter for a Chinese Government Scholarship, offered by the Chinese embassy overseas.