Programs & Courses

      Shandong University of Science and Technology (SDUST) has been running three English-language undergraduate programs for international students since 2006, making it one of the earliest universities to do so in China, and since then it has cultivated hundreds of graduates. These three cutting-edge programs at SDUST boast an innovative course design, and some have been listed as a Brand Course for international students by the Ministry of Education in China. The Faculty members working within these programs are highly-qualified due to their PhD degrees,  educational background overseas, profound knowledge of the subject area, and innovative ways of teaching etc. The programs attach great importance to lab work, internships and practice, and opportunities are highly accessible due to close connections with many industries. After four years of study, students have a strong theoretical grounding and are practically capable, meaning that they are well received in enterprises or companies, or Masters or PhD programs.
1. Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
      Students on this program will learn fundamental theories of mechanical design, micro-electronic technology, fluid transmission and control technology, computer technology, and information processing technology, etc. The program aims to cultivate qualified personnel who have a solid foundation in math and mechanics, and interdisciplinary knowledge of machatronics, electronics, control and computer technology, etc. Students will gain strong abilities in the areas of engineering application and technological innovation.
2. Telecommunications Engineering
      This program aims to cultivate qualified personnel who have skills in research, design, manufacturing and operation for the field of telecommunication. Students on this program will learn theories of telecommunication systems and networks, and key technology and systemic knowledge in information transmission, exchange and processing etc. Students will learn the skills required for the design, development, testing and application of modern telecommunication systems and networks.
3. Chemical Engineering and Technology
      Students will learn the principles of chemical engineering and chemical technology, and practice techniques and skills in chemical engineering experiments. The program also offers a foundation in engineering practice, products and technology development, design of manufacturing equipment, research and design methods, and computer application etc. The program aims to cultivate qualified personnel who have strong capabilities in chemical engineering, petrochemical engineering, and coal chemical engineering, as well as matters of environment, biology, medicine, food, metallurgy etc. The students will learn the skills required for research, development and management in chemical engineering and technology.
4. Duration and Tuition
      Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, and Telecommunications Engineering are 4-year programs. Tuition fee is 18,000 RMB per year.
5.Graduation and Degree
      To get a BE degree, students have to pass all the exams across all courses, obtain the required credits, complete a graduation thesis and graduation project, and pass the thesis defense.