Programs & Courses

Shandong University of Science and Technology has been running Summer Chinese Language and Culture programs for many years, and receives extensive recognition for the excellent delivery. The faculty are active, enthusiastic, patient, devoted, knowledgeable, full of teaching skills, and have accumulated rich experience in teaching Chinese to international students. They are teachers in class while good friends of their students outside class. Every summer a lot of young people around the world, such as the USA, UK, Russia, South Korea, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Australia, Canada, etc., come to our university for one month to experience Chinese language and culture and explore the myth of an ancient eastern country. 
 Proficiency Levels
The program is offered at three different levels:elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. Students will be placed into different classes according to their Chinese language proficiency. 

  Courses Level Course Name Hrs/w
Elementary Elementary Comprehensive Chinese   10
Elementary Chinese Speaking   10
  Experiencing Chinese Culture    4
Intermediate Intermediate Comprehensive Chinese   10
Intermediate Chinese Speaking   10
  Experiencing Chinese Culture    4
Advanced Advanced Comprehensive Chinese   10
Advanced Chinese Speaking   10
    Experiencing Chinese Culture    4

· The course Experiencing Chinese Culture mainly includes Chinese culture lectures, making dumplings, Chinese painting and   calligraphy, Shadow-boxing (Taiji), Peking Opera, Chinese culture saloon, etc.
· Optional tour (at students’ own expense):One-day trip to Qingdao, two-day trip to Tai’an and Qufu.