Programs & Courses

1. Introduction

The Pre-Undergraduate Program, offered in English for one year (application for half a year’s study is also accepted), is specially designed for international high school graduates who expect to get a bachelor degree in science or engineering. Through intensive training, it will greatly improve students’ abilities in maths, chemistry, physics and use of the Chinese language, helping to bridge the knowledge between senior high school and university, and preparing them for the degree-level study of science and engineering at university.

2. Course Design and Teaching Arrangements

Based on the cultivation objectives, the program is designed to be an intensive training program including the basic courses Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Chinese Language. 

The program is divided into two semesters totaling 32 weeks, with each semester lasting 16 weeks. There are 288 course hours in one semester (96 hours for Maths, 96 hours for Physics, 64 hours for Chemistry, 32 hours for Chinese Language).

1. Mathematics mainly covers Algebra, Plane Analytic Geometry, Limits of Functions and Derivative, transitioning to Calculus, equipping students with adequate high school maths abilities and prior knowledge of college maths.

2. PHYSICS includes Mechanics, Thermology, Electromagnetism and Optics, with an emphasis on systematic teaching, providing a foundation for university-level physics.

3. CHEMISTRY, which includes Basic Chemical Principles, Elemental Chemistry, Basic Organic Chemistry etc, covers almost all the course content of high school Chemistry. The course design is streamlined in accordance with the teaching requirements of university chemistry.

4. CHINESE LANGUAGE is a comprehensive course that offers students an intensive training in Chinese characters, grammar, listening and speaking, in order to develop their ability to use Chinese as a tool in daily life.