In order to create a positive campus atmosphere, the College of International Exchange of SDUST will hold the International Students’ Table Tennis Match on December 16, 2015.

1. Time

The starting time is 16:10 P.M, December 16th
Note: Being late for 10 minutes or above is regarded as waiver.

2. Match Venue

Activity Hall, second floor, GA19,21

3. Notes for Application

  •  (1) The match consists of two sports events: men’s singles and women’s singles. For application, please contact Mr. Wu in Room 108, International Office.
  •  (2) If applicants of an event are fewer than 8 people, then the event will be canceled.

  • 4. Match Flow

  •  (1) The match is divided into male and female groups that will start the game simultaneously on two separate tables. Each group is allocated with a referee and a recorder.
  •  (2) The match consists of two stages--group stage and knockout. All applicants should go to Room 108, International Office to draw lots at 3 p.m. on December 15. Please note that the application deadline is December 16.
  •  (3) All players are divided into 4 equal groups (A, B, C, D) with all the members of a group playing each other, and the top 2 players of a group advance towards the knockout stage.
  •  (4) Knockout is taken in quarter finals, semi-finals and finals. The winner and the runners-up will be decided in the finals.
  •  (5) Detailed arrangement of the game will be released later on.
  • 5. Instructions

  •  (1) Players are supposed to arrive at the match venue 15 minutes ahead of the starting time, and to have warm-up activities.
  •  (2) The match should not be stopped by any reason excepting wiping perspiration and drinking water. Quitting or leaving the match with no proper reason shall be regarded as waiver.
  •  (3) Players must strictly abide by rules of the match. Impostors (i.e. non-applied players or non-SDUST players) and players who are against the sportsmanship (such as: making malicious threats toward other players, match fixing, offending the referee without reasons, etc.) shall be disqualified for the game.
  •  (4) Players should respect referees and accept the ruling of referees. If a player has conflict with the referee, or makes offensive remarks to the referee, or surrounds the referee in an aggressive manner, then his/her qualification and the score that has been achieved shall be canceled.
  •  (5) Players have to provide their own rackets. Balls are offered by the college.
  •  (6) Spectators should keep civilization while watching the game. Do not make offensive remarks to players and referees. Do not get involved in referee’s decisions. Keep quiet while watching the game.
  •  (7) Two out of three system and 11-point scoring system are adopted in the match. For specific rules please refer to the rules stipulated by the International Table Tennis Federation.
  •  (8) If any special circumstance happens, please contact the responsible personnel in time.

  •      College of International Exchange
     Shandong University of Science and Technology
    December 1, 2015