Duration of winter holiday: January 16, 2016 to February 28, 2016

Kind Tips:

  1. Students leaving China or leaving the campus to travel in other places during the winter holiday shall go to the International Office to ask for leave by filling out an application form. All students must be back to register for Spring Semester 2016 before February 29, 2016. Those who cannot return before the set date must ask for leave or notify the International Office in advance; otherwise they will be regarded as being absent.

  2. Pay attention to your personal and property safety during the holiday. For your safety, students should read and sign theInternational Students’ Guarantee of Safetybefore holiday begins, and abide by the requirements and rules stipulated.

  3. Security check is advised to make sure that window is closed, electricity switch off, door locked etc. before leaving room.

  4. Students should bear in mind the period of validity of their passports, visa and residence permit, and should apply for extension prior to the expiration date. Students whose passports expire in 2016 should apply for extension or apply for a new one, and notify the International Office to apply for new JW202. Students whose residence permit expires this March should return early to ensure a timely extension.

  5. Tuition and accommodation fees of the spring semester of 2016 should be paid up before 31 March, 2016. Students applying for the residence permit extension should pay up tuition and fees of this semester in advance.

  6. Transcripts of the final exams will be available in the duty room of GA19 on February l (only applies to students who have paid up tuition and accommodation fees).

  7.  Students in need of services from the Network Center and telecommunication companies shall top up the campus card and network in advance.

  8.  The restaurant Mother's Rice in Zone C will be open during the winter holiday.

  9. In case of emergency,please contact concerned teacher from the International Office. 

    Mr. Wu   15194262790     Mr. Zhang 13455295890

    Wish everyone a pleasant winter holiday!

International Office

Jan 6, 2016