Zhang Qinrun, male, born in July 1979, now work as a lecturer of law school of Shandong university of science and technology, director of Shandong province association of civil and commercial law. I graduated from law school of Yantai university in 2004, received a master's degree of civil and commercial law,graduated from China university of political and law school in 2011, received a doctor's degree of civil and commercial law. In recent years, I published several papers in The Contemporary Law, Periodical Literatures Reprinted by China People's University, Journal of Shandong University of Science and Technology, participated in the research work of a number of provincial and ministerial projects, and participated in the writing of the Business Law and other teaching materials. In recent years, I have repeatedly won the "Graduates Unforgettable Teacher" and "Good Teacher in My Heart" and other honorary titles.