Biographical details

Professor Lijun Li is a Professor of Electronics, Communication and Physics College at the Shandong University of Science and Technology, doctoral supervisor of the Photoelectric detection direction, and master’s supervisor of the Communication and information engineering system. She obtained Ph.D. degree in Optics from the Nankai University, China, in 2005.
From 2008 to 2010, she joined Shandong University, Control science and Engineering postdoctoral station as a Postdoctoral Member of Staff, where she was engaged in applications of optical fiber sensing technology in coal mine safety monitoring technology. In 2013, Lijun Li went to University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, USA, as a visiting Scholar.

Research interests

Director of Optical fiber detection technology research room of Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of education "Mine production safety testing technology and equipment". In optoelectronic devices, optical fiber sensing and networking with more than 20 years of scientific research experience.

Selected grants

1.China's postdoctoral special fund projects: Research on optical fiber sensing safety monitoring system of Coal mine hydraulic supporting. Project number: 200902574 (Project leader)
2.China's postdoctoral fund projects: Research on Mine Pressure Testing Fiber Grating Sensor Network Technology and Applications. Project number: 20080441150 (Project leader)
3.Shandong provincial department of education project: Research on Fabrication and sensing properties of Few Mode Fiber Grating. Project number: J06P14 (Project leader)
4.Qingdao development zone project: Research on POF connected FTTH and intelligence family communication system. Project number: 2007-2-39 (Project leader)
5.Zhongtian Technology Co., LTD and Kailuan Coal Mine joint project: Optical fiber safety monitoring system of coal mine.10/09-11/12 (project leader)
6.Shandong Province Natural Fund projects: Research of double-clad fiber grating nonlinear characteristics and application, Project number: ZR2009AM017 and ZR2013FM019 (Project leader)
7.Qingdao Jingcheng detecting techniques limited company projects: All fiber gas detection method and devices.10/11-12/11. (Project leader)
8.Natural Science Foundation of China: Research of disturbance input method generating hyperchaos system and its application in communication. Project number: 60672085(Participation)
9.Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant: Research of Double-clad fiber laser, Project number: 60137019 (Participation)
10.The National High Technology Programme of China: Research of Er/Yb co-doped double-clad fiber amplifiers, Project number: 2003AA312100 (Participation)

Selected publications

1.Li Lijun, Xu Wenyun, Yao Jun. Optical Fiber Communication [M]. Peking University press, 2010
2.Cao Maoyong, Li Lijun, Li Jing and Fan Di. New Sensors of Coal Mine [M]. China mining university press, 2011


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