Jianjun Hao, Ph. D and associate professor, received his Ph. D degree from China University of Mining & Technology (Beijing) in 2007. His research and teaching interests include signal processing in wireless communication, synchronization method in GNSS receiver, and indoor/outdoor location techniques.

Dr. Hao is key investigator of China National natural science foundation research projects (NSFC: 61071087, and 61471224) ; also he is the principle investigator of Shandong province science and technology development plan (2013GGD07003) and Qingdao science and technology development plan (No. 12-1-4-6-(1)-jch); In November 2006, he and his group developed and tape-out the first SoC GPS baseband chip in China in Nov. 2006 by our GNSS baseband group.

Dr. Hao has taught several all-English courses for foreign students in the last 5 years, including “Computer Networks”, “Modern switch technology”, “Principles of communications”, and “FPGA design and its applications”. He also taught bilingual course “random signal analysis” for undergraduate students. Prof. Hao taught “modern technology in digital signal processing”, “theory in telecommunication networks” for postgraduate students. He is the recipient of a scientific award from Education Bureau of Shandong province.

Research Interests

  • Signal processing in wireless communication (especially in through-the-earth communication);
  • GNSS receiver ( acquisition and tracking method for GPS, Beidou and Galileo satellite signals);
  • Indoor/outdoor location technology.
  • Publications

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