The 2016 Chinese Proficiency Competition for International Students was held in the Student Activity Centre on the 5th May at 7pm. After the preliminary round, 7 contestants advanced to the finals. Norovsambuu Batsanaat, from Mongolia, won the Grand Prize.

The final round consists of three parts: a test for Chinese culture common sense, a talent show and a Q&A session with judges. With outstanding Chinese language capability and deep understanding of the Chinese culture, most of the contestants successfully passed the common sense test and the Q&A session. During the talent show, contestants impressed the audience with their fantastic performances, such as the dancing Jing Hong, Painting of Qingdao, Piano Solo, etc.

The competition is sponsored by the International Office and aims to offer foreign students an opportunity to learn the Chinese language, show their abilities and talents, and build a platform for communication, discussion and learning for foreign students.