The 16th SDUST Men’s Football Championship went on for 21 days. The final was held at Gaodi Field, Zone C, on the afternoon of April 5. 18 teams played a total of 40 exciting games in this year’s championship tournament. The College of International Exchange defeated the College of Mining and Safety Engineering to win the championship. Timothee Albert Laroche, a member of the International team, won the Golden Boot with his outstanding play.

Both teams had a very strong attack and defense in the first half. The international students were physically faster and stronger, helping them to close the first half with a 2-1 lead. Members of the International team continued their momentum into the second half, scoring one more goal to wrap up a 3-1 victory. The audience was very impressed with the International team's technique, coordination, and strategy, breaking into thunderous applause several times.
This football tournament answered the call of a 2016 Campus Activity themed “ Get off the Internet, Go out of the Dorms, Go to the Playground ”, which is intended to improve the university's athletic environment.