The New Year Party 2016 for International Students was held in SDUST on December 29th, 2015. Faculty members from the College of International Exchange, the College of Electronics, Communication and Physics, the College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering also attended the party together with over 400 international students to embrace the new year’s arrival.

The party began with an exciting performance from a band of Sri Lankan students. Prof. Li Ping, Dean of the College of International Exchange, addressed in English at the opening of the party, wishing everyone a happy new year.

A fantastic video show, made by Sri Lankan student Nisal, presented the audience beautiful sceneries of SDUST in four seasons, as well as students’ on-campus life in all aspects. A variety of shows and performances by Chinese and international students were staged and received cheers from the crowd. The New Year Party climaxed with the traditional Indonesian dance Saman that was the most exciting part of the night and won a big round of applause from the audience. The party came to an end in the song ‘My Kazakhstan’, performed by students from Kazakhstan.

The New Year Party also witnessed the Scholarship Certificate Awarding Ceremony for International Students. More than 40 students won scholarships of this academic year, including the Chinese Government Scholarship, Shandong Government Scholarship, SDUST Scholarships etc.

The New Year Party and Scholarship Certificate Awarding Ceremony for International Students is significant for enriching foreign students’ lives and has already become a splendid part of the campus culture, which improves exchanges between Chinese and international students and encourages students to be more diligent in the new year and have a better performance in an all-round way.