The 27th Qingdao International Beer Festival was held in the Golden Sand Beach, located in Huangdao District, only 30-minutes bus ride from the University. This year’s beer festival started on August 4th and ended on August 27th.


The annual event, which started back in 1991 as the 100th birthday celebration of Qingdao City, originally lasted for two weeks and began with a grand opening concert and ceremony, followed by beer tasting, evening entertainment, drinking competitions, carnival events, and concluded with a themed final ceremony. This event has matured over the years into Asias largest annual beer festival with themed mascots that follow the animals of the Chinese Zodiac.


This beer festival takes "Music and Beer" as the theme, consisting of three major music shows, namely the Pop Music Week, the Rock Music Week, and the Folk Music Week.


25 international students from the University were invited to attend the spectacular opening ceremony of the beer festival.