From October 14th to 20th, the SDUST delegation led by Prof. Li Daogang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of SDUST , visited Ansbach University of Applied Sciences and the Hof University of Applied Sciences in Germany, and the University of Worcester in the UK.

SDUST delegation and President Ute Ambrosius and senior staffs of Ansbach.

      While visiting Ansbach, SDUST delegates received hospitality from senior members of staff at the university, including President Prof. Ute Ambrosius, Vice President Prof. Günther Proebstle and Prof. Sascha Müller-Feuerstein. The two sides reviewed the cooperation and exchanges between the universities over the past two years. They also discussed expanding fields of collaboration and increasing cooperation and exchange in engineering programs. Prof. Makus Skripek, a faculty member from the School of Economics and Management, spoke highly of the SDUST students for their excellent performance in Ansbach. The SDUST delegation visited laboratories for media technology and bio-medicine, and also had talks with SDUST students studying in Ansbach.

      At Hof University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Li Daogang and his delegation received warm reception from President Prof. Jürgen Lehmann, Vice President Prof. Dietmar Wolff and senior members of staff from the College of Engineering, School of Economics and Management and International Office, etc. Both sides introduced the history and development of their universities, and had a discussion on cooperative programs in engineering and economics and management. Prof. Franz Boos, Dean of the School of Economics and Management, and Ms. Susanne Krause, Dean of the International Office, introduced the English-delivered programs of International Management and Mechanical Manufacture. The SDUST delegation also presented an introduction to scholarships and English-delivered programs at SDUST. Expressing strong willingness to enhance cooperation with each other, the two sides had a discussion about faculty and student exchanges in English-delivered programs. After the meeting the delegation visited laboratories at the College of Engineering accompanied by the Dean Prof. Valentin Plenk.

Meeting with President Dietmar Wolff of Hof University

      At the University of Worchester, the SDUST delegation were warmly welcomed by President Prof. Green and Vice President Dr. Heather Forland. A meeting was held between the two parties on the topic of joint education for the Finance Program,.

      SDUST delegates gave information about the situation of this year’s joint education program, including the number of enrolled students, student quality, teaching and management, etc. Dr.Heather Forland expressed satisfaction with the work done by SDUST and said that Worcester would like to work closely with SDUST in student cultivation.

     Later on, accompanied by relevant members of staff at Worchester, SDUST delegates visited teaching buildings, accommodation buildings, the library and the gym, etc. Through communication with Chinese students, SDUST delegates acquired detailed knowledge about how they find studying and living in Worchester.

      This visit strengthened SDUST’s ties with higher education institutions of Germany and the UK, expanded fields of cooperation and promoted the development of the joint education programs as well as the overall international exchange and cooperation of SDUST.

With President David Green and senior staffs of Worchester