The 2015 Chinese Proficiency Competition for International Students, themed “Better Chinese language, Better Understanding of China”, was held in the Student Activity Centre on the 28th April at 7pm. The competition is sponsored by the International Office and aims to offer foreign students an opportunity to learn the Chinese language, show their abilities and talents, and build a platform for communication, discussion and learning for foreign students. Thanks to this competition, students are encouraged to continue with their language learning and will have greater interest in Chinese.

      After the preliminary selection, ten contestants advanced to the finals, which consisted of three parts: a test for Chinese culture common sense, a talent show and a Q&A session with judges. With outstanding Chinese language capability and deep understanding of the Chinese culture, most of the contestants successfully passed the common sense test and the Q&A session. During the talent show, contestants impressed the audience with their fantastic performances. The dancing Peacock Flying Southeast by Russian contestant Niya was a perfect combination of ballet and pavane, really pleasant to the eyes. Korean student’s rendition of ‘In My Songs’ by  Cui Junrong was romantic and soul-stirring. Shang Mingze, a Mongolian contestant, recited Wang Guozhen’s poem Thank you, which was rather rich in emotion. The Guzheng Solo by Indonesian student Li Biya brought audiences a sweet melody that was full of classical elegance. Mongolian student Hao Buyang, attired as a princess of the Qing Dynasty, displayed a new dance that was created by herself. Judges made brilliant comments on the competition and spoke highly of the contestants. Shang Mingze (from Mongolia) and Niya (from Russia) won the competition with their strong capabilities in Chinese language and their outstanding talent show performances.

      The Chinese Proficiency Competition for International Students of SDUST 2015 came to a successful end with the audience applauding heartily and looking forward to the next year’s competition.